Modern progressive spacerock

Kozfest, Devon
July 2012

"Following on from Glowpeople in the same venue were Xoo, with a wide range from Pink Floyd-esque sounds with perfected harmonised singing, to fast-paced guitar-driven punk tones."

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Standard Music Venue, Walthsmstow
November 2010

"Excellent gig - like a melodic Motorhead"

"Great depth and power, but also a nice range of styles and atmospheres"
Bull & Gate, London
November 2009

"I have to say I do think Xoo bite, mate! I caught the latter two thirds of a short set and found it really convincing: shame it wasn't longer.

I have their CD, which is good, but live they come into their own. The backline is really powerful, 'specially with their new drummer, and there are plenty of melodic guitar lines too.

Live they kind of sound like Bedouin, but less metal - sweet harmony melodies over that grungey sound, then all those lush synths. Kind of progressive metal with spacey ambient bits. It's nice to not have the inflatible alien space-rock cliches, ya know?

X. really does it for me: good original songs - I know they've been bigged up recently, but hell, there's my two penn'th."
The Redhouse, Sheffield
November 2009

"A few comments about the Sonic Rock gig at the Redhouse in Sheffield last night. I was highly impressed with the band Xoo. I seem to have got a bit bored and jaded recently just going to see bands that I know and getting the same stuff so it was really nice to discover (ie. for myself) this most excellent band.

Xoo are three excellent musicians. Live they come across as a kind of Space Rock power trio, with bells on. Good, original material, with a thoughtful use of samples. The drummer is strong and dynamic. I've not seen a bass player drive along a band as well as this guy does, but it was the guitarist who really impressed the most. He's not only a good musician in the obvious 'playing the correct notes' way but has a very strong sense of what the music does and doesn't require. He knows when to crank it up or to take it down as the music required. Solos were played with good musical sense,none of this 'I can play hundreds of notes while jumping on the wah pedal crap. A restrained Huw Langton. So if Dave Brock needs a new guitarist he need look no further..."