Modern progressive spacerock

Tales From A Red Planet
The year is 2073. Mars has been terra-formed. There are colonies. There are cities, there is agriculture. There are frontier towns and there is freight and mining. But there are problems too. The same old issues are arising: pollution and Martian global warming, crime and social problems, psychological isolation and political unrest.

The concept album is back...

Aural Innovations says "...catchy space rock 'n roll songs that are like Hawkwind with an 80s pop feel and a symphonic Prog edge." Read the full review here.
1. Spirit of Opportunity
2. ReGenesis
3. Sales Pitch
4. Docking Control
5. Space Trucker's Lament
6. Lost
7. Frozen!
8. Adepts of North Polar Mars
9. Blues for a Red Planet
10. A Word from the Martian Tourist Board
11. Des(s)ert of Glass
12. Cafe Elysium
13. Zephyria
14. Radio Free Mars
15. Battle Hymn of the New Martian Republic
16. State of Emergency

Available for purchase by download now.

State of Emergency
Single edition of State of Emergency from Tales From A Red Planet plus two tracks that didn't make it onto the album.
1. State of Emergency
2. Martian Mine Song
3. Drum 'n' Space

Available for purchase by download now.

Brain Tattoo

April 2009
A 4 track EP consisting of existing favourites like Brain Tattoo and Dark Matter, plus a taster track from the forthcoming Tales From A Red Planet and an R2Project remix!
1. Brain Tattoo
2. Des(s)ert of Glass
3. Dark Matter (Grey Matter mix)
4. SETI (Out There mix)
Poison In The Name Of Beauty

October 2007
The space-prog album of 2007, with a mix of driving rock, unusual instrumentals and a hint of social commentary, not to mention a bit of help with lyrics from a certain W. Shakespeare.
1. Call of the Profit
2. Song of the Sandman
3. She Ghost In The Machine
4. Poison...
5. Dark Matter
6. Queen of Angels
7. Merchant of Venus
9. ...Beauty

December 2006
A sampler CD to showcase the new 2006 line-up.
1. Brain Tattoo
2. Song of the Sandman
3. Dark Matter
4. Queen of Angels