Modern progressive spacerock

A Brief History Of Xoo
Combining sci-fi/futuristic lyrics with trademark vocal harmonies and hard-rock influenced guitar lines, Xoo is at the forefront of the new wave of British progressive spacerock.

Launching with an appearance at the 2007 Space Rock Spectacular, Xoo has since been a regular on the summer festival scene, with appearances at 2008's Sonic World Festival and 2009's Cosmic Puffin, and has supported Litmus (winner of the Indy Awards (2008) Heavy Rock Act) amongst others, as well as headlining smaller spacerock events around the country.

Download - Xoo-ology, the Xoo biography.
Kevin Perry
Guitar, vocals, synths, samples.

Kevin is the longest serving member of Xoo (formerly known by a host of other names that will sink into obscurity like musical Titanics). His guitar playing has been compared with Hawkwind's Huw Lloyd-Langton and Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa/King Crimson), and his voice with the 8:30am from London to Brighton. So why he's now doing vocal duties is anyone's guess...

His past experiences range from obscure original rock bands to highly regarded West Country jazz/folk/rock/world festival band Swan, and has also performed in Hawkwind tribute band Assassins of Silence.
James Hodkinson
Bass, vocals, keyboards.

In the fine tradition of Space Rock bassists, James was originally a guitarist, but was then seduced by the dark side. Major influences are, of course, the pivotal Hawkwind bass players Dave Anderson, Lemmy, Alan Davey and Adrian Shaw, as are Holgar Czukay of Can and Jim Smith of the Cardiacs.

As a part of Xoo, James also dabbles in keyboards, synths, the odd spot of violin/ viola, as well as singing and co-writing music and lyrics. James played various intsruments with a number of 90's North Eastern acts, inculding the punk-folkers the Scavengers and progressive rock outfit Black Rain. He is a great enthusiast for all things German, including obscure Krautrock bands and the strange films such as Metropolis and Nosferatu.
Kit Marsden
Drums, backing vocals.

Multi-talented Kit (drums, backing vocals and occasional synths) is the latest drummer to join the Xoo ranks. He brings a range of professional experience, from jazz-funk to orchestral percussion, so the possibility of a gong appearing on stage has just gone up.
Andy Cobley

Originally from Liverpool but now holed up in Scotland, Andy is from the cut and paste generation of music makers. As well as being an occasional keyboard player for Xoo and regular contributor, he also makes electronica in the box as R2Project. Thank goodness for the liberation of computers.

His Influences started out with Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult until the kick drums of Infected Mushroom took over his brain.